The Wild Garden

Conceptualized with the intentions of bringing community together in a natural space to learn and grow, the wild garden at Wild Eye is a small scale urban food forest and garden cultivated by and for the people of the community. Serving as a natural escape, a garden oasis to explore, create, grow, and connect - to others and the deep wisdom and healing of the plants and nature right in our backyards. 

We strive to build a sense of community by providing accessibility to a green space  with a goal of sharing the benefits of growing and harvesting one’s own food and medicine while educating and promoting food access to all ages. 


With this ever-changing magical space, we hope to inspire you to create and connect with all that’s around you. As you walk through the garden portal, may you notice the little things, and feel inspired to be yourself in a space cultivated for creativity, connection, and community. 

-Lauren LiPuma & Steph Salvador