Essential oils that elevate simple moments

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vitruvi was founded by siblings Sean and Sara Panton.

Growing up in a small farming community on the west coast of Canada, Sean and Sara were introduced to a natural way of life at an early age. This appreciation for nature, health and wellbeing stuck with them when they left home—Sara to pursue a degree in Global Health, while Sean went to business school.

In university, Sean and Sara started a website that they’d work on after studying in the evenings. The focus was on uncovering wellness and beauty rituals from around the world, which was inspired by Sara’s travels to Morocco and Kenya. From there, Sara and Sean began blending their own oils and the focus shifted to creating essential oil products that they and their friends could use and afford. With that, vitruvi was born. The first collections were built from their apartment, where they hand-filled and hand-parcelled every single order

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