Plutonia Blue




Born in Istanbul, raised between there and Miami, and now based in Brooklyn, Mia Giselle is the jewelry designer behind Plutonia Blue.

"My process is very chaotic & feverish. Mostly I'm a category 5 hurricane when I'm at the bench. And after 8 hours, by some fucking miracle, I find myself staring at this strange still life of objects. I try to leave them scarred - so the wearer can see the hammer strikes, the file marks, the light charring from fire. Their transition from the mental realm into the physical one is hellish in every sense. Each mark is a badge of honor.

Most of my pieces are symbols I've seen in dreams. I'm terrible at sketching so I "think out" most of my pieces as I'm making them. Kinda like sketching in metal. Whenever I feel stuck, I deconstruct a symbol I've already made and re-imagine it as an exercise. The tulip earring is by far the most feminine piece I've made - all hips and lips. It was inspired by old Islamic motifs I'd seen in mosques but became much more erotic in execution."