Misc Goods Co.

Illustrated playing cards, leather goods, & natural deodorant



“ One day I showed up to my office and there was no work to do. And with a wife and two kids at home, I couldn’t be idle — my conscience just wouldn’t let me. So, as a discipline for the mind and an opportunity to sharpen my skills, I began designing a single playing card, the jack of spades. It turned out pretty well. The next day I showed up and still no work. So I designed the queen of spades. After three feverish months of this pattern, still workless, I had to my surprise finished designing an entire deck of playing cards.

I was flat broke. Totally broke. Like, my friend lent me $1,200 to keep my lights on and feed my family type of broke. I was a bit of a mess. I was working hard, but with no income to show for it. It was at this low point that I asked my officemates to help me put together a Kickstarter campaign to produce the playing cards I had illustrated by happen-stance.

A great joy and weight descended onto me: My work had made a great impact on so many people, I was financially strong, but I had also promised my backers a quick turn around. There was so much work to be done. I started the manufacturing process the day after my Kickstarter campaign was secured. I built a team for fulfilment and operations, which was a rag-tag team of friends. The process was heavy. It was long. It was around the clock. But, it was successful. We printed, packaged and shipped more than 4,000 orders in the course of 40 days

Today - I own a company, people like it and it appears to have room to grow. I am undeserving and thankful. Now it’s time again to roll up my sleeves, and make the most out of this opportunity.”

- Tyler Deeb