. . . a creative breeding ground dedicated to building a community around the arts & mindful thinking. WE aim to bring awareness to how creativity & self care can make you FEEL & HEAL. 

You can shop our vibe, our shelves are filled with retail that has been hand-picked by our own Wild Eye’s with love & intention. WE believe in authentic original goods that tell their own story, as well as the story of the independent artists behind them. 

One of our passions is collaborating with other artists. The more we elevate together, the more WE SEE.  WE even have our own in-house photographer who works in our STUDIO 72 & on location.  Any wild thought you have - bring it to us & we will bring it to life. 

Are you curious? WE at Wild Eye are forever curious, that is why we have dedicated ourselves to keeping that feeling flowing. WE will be hosting workshops & events to elevate ART, COMMUNITY, SELF EXPLORATION, & sometimes just to GATHER & have some FUN! The Fluidness of our shape-shifting space as well as our team of creatives lets us morph into any wild thought we have.

Continuous EVOLUTION. WE are a place to EXPLORE. Come SEE for yourself. Take a walk on the WILD side. 




Crystal candles, hand-crafted works of art


Gem Elixir Watter Bottles


Handmade Modern Bohemian Home Decor


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